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What is MCSE?

Shannon Kietzman
Shannon Kietzman

A Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) is a person who is certified by Microsoft to work with networking concepts and operation systems. Several years ago, Microsoft opened up learning and training centers all over the country to teach people how to become MCSE qualified within the Microsoft platforms, and interest has been booming ever since.

A person who is interested in becoming an MCSE has to pass a credit-by-exam test. This allows a person to work within the latest system. With each new system that comes out, however, there are other certified exams that an MCSE must take and pass in order to maintain certification. For instance, if an MCSE is certified for the year 2002 and 2000, he or she must take at least two certification exams – one for each year of certification.

Man holding computer
Man holding computer

This upgrading of certification continues as long as the person wishes to continue to be an MCSE. The reason for the testing, and for proving proficiency for each year, is that Microsoft is changing constantly, and the information for earlier operating and networking systems changes with each new application.

To become certified by Microsoft, one must take the Microsoft Certification Exam at a designated Testing Center. Microsoft offers courses to help students pass the MCSE exams. There is, however, limited seating for the courses. At the same time, the training centers run courses constantly in order to serve as many of those who want to become an MCSE as possible.

It takes time and commitment to get through the courses necessary to become an MCSE. Depending on how much time a student devotes to the process, however, it can take as little as a year. On the other hand, the courses can take as long as two years. A student who already has an Associate in Science degree and has applied computer knowledge can often make it through the program even faster.

There is a very high demand for MCSE qualified individuals. Employers see the certification as a plus when hiring a new employee, especially in the field of computers or communications. Although potential employers also consider experience, the certification shows that the potential employee has a defined knowledge of how Microsoft systems work.

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The information provided by this site is helpful to know about the advantages of Microsoft certified courses.


not worth the money. get the experience and companies will hire you anyway.


the best is, (if you know about computers and servers) learning by yourself. All the schools give you is what you can find on the internet, and when you're ready, take the test. The salary around the world 2200 Euro, $2700 dollars and goes up by experience.


how much is the cost of this course?


what is the duration of the mcse course and total fees? which college provides this course in delhi?


what's the salary after completing mcse?


What about isa server 2003 and exchanger server 2004, linux plus progress mcsa?


How much is the mcp salary per month around the world?


are the exams written or objective?


what is salary after doing mcse & who is suitable institute in india.


There are 7 papers in MCSE .


how many papers are there in mcse?

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    • Man holding computer
      Man holding computer