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How do I Choose the Best Reiki Classes?

Choosing the best Reiki classes involves researching the instructor's qualifications, understanding the course structure, and ensuring it aligns with your learning style. Consider the class size, cost, and reviews from past students. What are your personal goals for learning Reiki and how can this class help you achieve them?
A. Rohlandt
A. Rohlandt

In order to choose the best reiki classes consider the type of reiki you would like to study, the qualifications of the master you'll study under, his requirements for you to reach master level, and whether you want to study in person or take correspondence reiki classes. The costs of the reiki class should also be considered since the fees charged differ greatly from one master to the next.

There are 25 different types of reiki. The best known include Tibetan, karuna, gendai, rainbow, five element, shamballa, kundalini, and imara. Each type of reiki has a different approach. Some use sounds or are channeled in different ways to use reiki. Researching which kind of reiki you would prefer to practice will help you choose the most appropriate reiki class.

There are 25 different types of reiki, a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.
There are 25 different types of reiki, a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.

It is a good idea to check that the master offering instruction is registered with or certified by an internationally recognized association and that he or she can offer certification as well. Some reiki masters place restrictions on those who qualify under them, and a student may be required to practice for a certain amount of time or attend a certain number of sessions before commencing the master level training. After qualifying, there may be additional requirements such as set fees that you must charge your own students. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable with the reiki master offering the course, as you'll work closely with this person and will have to build a certain amount of trust during training.

Another consideration in choosing the best reiki classes would be whether your lifestyle and schedule allow you to attend in-person classes or if you need to take a correspondence or Internet-based reiki class. Some believe that hands-on experience is the best teacher and that in-person training is preferable, while others believe that reiki training can be done worldwide through correspondence. When attending classes in person you'll receive the reiki attunement in person, while distance attunement will be offered should you choose to take an online or correspondence course.

The length of reiki classes and the costs involved vary greatly from one master to the next and this should be another consideration when choosing where or how to study reiki. Some reiki classes stretch over a few weeks, while others complete training within a few days. The shorter reiki courses and the online or correspondence courses are generally more affordable.

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    • There are 25 different types of reiki, a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.
      By: nyul
      There are 25 different types of reiki, a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.