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What are the Different Types of Reiki Jobs?

Reiki jobs vary from practitioners offering healing sessions, to teachers providing training courses, to consultants in holistic health centers. Each role requires a deep understanding of energy healing and a commitment to wellness. Curious about how to start a career in Reiki?
Lainie Petersen
Lainie Petersen

Reiki jobs vary by practitioner, their level of certification, and the demand for their services. Many reiki jobs can be found in holistic health clinics and spas, and typically include the simple practice of reiki as well as the inclusion of reiki in the practice of massage or other holistic healing modalities. In some cases, a reiki practitioner may become a reiki master and begin to teach reiki to others for compensation. Other reiki practitioners and masters may go on to write about reiki or use their experiences to lecture others about their experiences and the philosophy of reiki.

The practice of reiki is an alternative energy healing modality in which the practitioner holds his hands above the client in a process that allegedly provides healing energy to the client. The client is not physically touched by the practitioner during the reiki session. While some practitioners practice reiki on its own, many integrate the practice into other health and personal care services that they provide. For example, a reiki practitioner may be a massage therapist or an aesthetician who offers reiki as an additional or complementary service to her clients.

Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.
Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.

Talented speakers or writers can create their own reiki jobs by combining their reiki knowledge and experience with speaking and writing. By writing books and magazine articles as well as lecturing to groups, he can bring in an extra source of revenue, find new clients, and perhaps recruit new students. These teachers and lecturers may also choose to teach online reiki courses as well as provide live, in-classroom training.

As reiki is a form of spiritual healing not typically covered by medical insurance, reiki jobs often involve a combination of practices. Becoming a reiki practitioner requires undergoing training by a reiki master, though a practitioner can eventually obtain reiki certification and become a master herself. When this happens, the new reiki master can train others in the practice. Some practitioners learn other skills to combine with reiki, which can be more mainstream, such as massage, or may involve other alternative modalities such as herbalism or aromatherapy. The practitioner may be able to set up his own stand-alone practice or may obtain work in a holistic health clinic where he can work with other healing professionals. Some spas and beauty salons may also be a good place for reiki jobs, particularly if a reiki practitioner is licensed in massage, aesthetics or cosmetology.

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    • Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.
      By: nyul
      Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.