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How do I get Reiki Certification?

Obtaining Reiki certification involves taking a series of courses from a certified Reiki Master. These courses cover theory, practice, and attunements, enabling you to channel Reiki energy. After completion, you'll receive a certificate. But how do you choose the right Reiki Master for your training?
A.E. Freeman
A.E. Freeman

Reiki, a method of healing using touch, is often used in conjunction with other methods of treatment to heal a patient. If you are interested in getting reiki certification, you need to find a school near you or opt to enroll in an online course. There are typically three levels of reiki courses, from the initial level that teaches a student the basics of reiki and provides the student with a practitioner reiki certificate to the final level that provides the student with master teacher reiki certification.

Unlike other arts or healing courses, you do not need to have any special skills or abilities when you begin your training for reiki certification. Most students do need to receive a reiki attunement before beginning study, though. A reiki attunement opens you up to the energy used to heal others. During an attunement, you learn to control the energy that flows through your hands. At the final stage of attunement, you become a master teacher and are able to help others learn to use reiki.

Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.
Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.

When you sign up for a level-one class for reiki certification, you usually learn the basics of reiki, from its history to the the different types of energy systems, such as chakras and auras. Many classes will also include a practical element, such as how to run a business as a reiki practitioner. A good class will give you a chance to practice your new skills on patients. To successfully complete the course and earn your certification as a practitioner, you should study the manual provided, take good notes, and attend every class.

If you want to become a professional reiki practitioner, you may wish to enroll in a level two, which is more advanced. Usually you will learn how to send energy during the course and learn to study the reiki symbols. Most advanced classes require you to practice reiki on a client for several sessions. Completing a level-two class prepares you to take a master teacher reiki certification class.

During a master teacher course, you will learn how to attune others and will usually work on writing your own reiki manual to teach others from. You'll also student-teach and will continue to perform reiki on others. Some courses require you to receive reiki from another practitioner as well.

It is important that you receive your reiki certification from a teacher who is herself a certified master teacher. If you cannot find a local course, you may wish to study online. Unfortunately, an online course may not offer you the hands-on training required of a reiki master.

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    • Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.
      By: nyul
      Reiki is a method of spiritual-based healing using touch.