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What are the Different Jobs in the Medical Spa Business?

Patti Kate
Patti Kate

Work in the medical spa business may involve various positions, one of which is a medical spa director. Other jobs in the medical spa business include spa aesthetician, and medical spa manager. The aesthetician generally provides support for all patients and clients seeking treatment at the spa.

Client coordinators involved in a medical spa business generally set appointments for clients. This job varies somewhat from a med spa receptionist. Client directors deal with the beauty aspect of spa services, as well as medical treatments. In addition to setting appointments, the client coordinator may also provide essential information regarding the spa's facilities and functions.

Some medical spas offer Botox® injections.
Some medical spas offer Botox® injections.

A client coordinator for a medical spa business might also be responsible to answer all inquiries from patients and clients, either over the telephone, via email, or in person. She may be in charge of some marketing and promotions. Her responsibilities may also include educating clients on therapy techniques.

The receptionist in a medical spa business will typically perform computer-based scheduling and keep records and accounts on file. She will generally be knowledgeable about and skilled at using the computer programs necessary for her work. Providing customer service and processing transactions may be other key responsibilities. This worker may be responsible for closing cash register transactions and turning in all paperwork and receipts at the end of the day. She will most likely be required to have an approachable manner in dealing with clientele.

A sauna at a medical spa.
A sauna at a medical spa.

A career in the medical spa business may also involve work as a technician. Medical spa technicians may perform laser technician work or service technician work. A service technician in the medical spa business will service spa equipment. These duties may also include inspecting equipment for defects and maintaining safe spa operations. The technician will generally ensure spa conditions meet safety standards for clientele and employees.

Technical support is also an essential part of the medical spa business. This job may involve answering telephone calls and providing troubleshooting solutions. This position may also be known as a medspa business technician.

Medical spa sales associate jobs are other types of jobs in this field. The medical spa sales associate may do some traveling or work from a main office. This job typically requires selling spa equipment or services. The sales associate for a medical spa will typically have prior sales experience. Some administrative experience may also be required for sales associates in the medical spa industry.

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Great article, very solid content in here. Go back five to seven years and I had no idea that so many different career options existed in the medical spa business. I was literally clueless. Today, I work at a medical spa in Denver called m.pulse and it's a rewarding career. I'm not just talking about the money here; it's also about client interaction, developing friendships, and being happy day in and day out. Articles like this make me smile because it shows me that good content is being promoted around the internet - there are more career possibilities than one may initially imagine. The wiseGEEK is indeed quite wise!

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    • Some medical spas offer Botox® injections.
      By: Kaarsten
      Some medical spas offer Botox® injections.
    • A sauna at a medical spa.
      By: ecobo
      A sauna at a medical spa.